Growing Trend Of Living Together Before Marriage

Living together can be a step towards marriage. A live in relationship sometimes proves to be a check mechanism for cohabitation compatibility before the final decision of marriage. However, to get married or not later is totally the decision of two people involved in premarital cohabitation. Living together before marriage is relatively a new trend and today many young people are moving in together without any information of cohabitation law.

We can't state marriage and live in relationship / living together as same. Living together is not the replacement for marriages. Both the relationships are different and should be treated

as differently. The two persons who are sharing live in relationship might have different aspirations then a married couple. They may be living together before marriage

to share a flat

or share pressure

or happiness with no obligations in their relationship and totally enjoying their freedom.

This kind of relationships are based on convenience. People usually stick in as long as living together full fills their needs. Marriage and live in relationships are should not assumed to be same as marriages are based on love and commitment while living together is merely an arrangement. Live in relationship can be a step towards marriage and it can prove to be a check mechanism sometimes. But to get married or not later is totally the decision of two involved people.


The possible reasons why more people are today open to live in relationship:

• The stigma our society attaches to the divorced person
• A way to check compatibility before making the final commitment
• A person may not willing to compromise
• Lack of patience to be liable and accountable
• Inability to hold responsibility
• easy to walk in or walk out
• no legal obligation
• Low tolerance level

Motivation could be any; however before moving together

or getting in live in kind of relationship, one should know the fact that in our society a person in live in relationship have no right to make a claim of immorality.

Though such relations are acceptable among youth today, however premarital cohabitation are far being acceptable by older generation. It is hard to scream any relationship good and bad or right and wrong. Before deciding to go for live in relationship, one should keep in mind that you are not married and level of commitment in living together relationship is quite low. Today, Live in relationship can't provide social support. Moreover there are no individual rights to be protected in case a live in partner cheats or abuses. If things go wrong in live in relationship, then there is no law to shield the two persons. One should be clear about the complexities in living in arrangements.

Different people have different views. Every one is neither the same nor every person desire the same thing out of a relationship. If you feel marriage is accurate for you, living together before marriage may be right for someone else. Couples living together should be aware of cohabitation law. They have very less rights compared to a married couple. However, irrespective the kind of relationship, individual rights must be protected by the law.

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