How to get glowing skin naturally at home: Tips to make your face clear, beautiful and glow without makeup
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Glowing and clear skin is essential to stand out from a crowd. Looks and confidence makes the first impression. You can not change your god gifted appearance; however you can enhance your looks naturally at home by some natural ways. Here are some tips and ways to get glowing skin naturally, that will help you to make your skin clear and beautiful. They are simple to follow; the only compulsion is to stick to the one that go well with your skin.

Papaya to enhance looks
Papaya is a fruit that can be beneficial for your skin in many ways. Either you eat it or apply it on your face; it will boost your appearance. You can get glowing skin with a regular papaya massage. This papaya massage will also help you to get rid of blackheads as it is a natural exfoliator. A gentle massage of papaya fruit on face can also help you to remove blemishes, dark spots, scars and improves your skin tone, making your skin glow and beautiful. Papaya can be applied around the eyes to lighten the skin around eyes.

You may not like papaya as a fruit but you include it in your beauty regime because of its numerous skin and beauty benefits. Papaya face masks are ideal for oily skin and also help in reducing sun tan.
If you eat papaya on regular basis, then it will improve your digestion and aids in getting glowing skin.

Potato for flawless and glowing skin

You may not aware but potato is natural home remedy to get glowing and fair skin. To brighten your skin and reduce dark skin spots and scars, apply potato juice on your face. Raw potato is also very useful in reducing tan and sun burn. Potato has natural bleaching effect which can lighten your skin, making your skin fair and bringing a glow on your skin.

So, rub a potato daily on your face to get glowing, flawless and clear skin.

Drink and apply Coconut water for clear and glowing skin

Coconut water is a natural and purest liquid to drink. Drinking coconut water regularly helps flush your body, making circulation better, and organs healthy. Coconut water makes our skin glow and clear because it aids in flushing out all of toxins from our body. Consuming coconut water helps keeping your skin clear and beautiful.

Drinking Coconut water will clear your blood, giving you clear and glowing skin.
Coconut water can also be used as face mask for acne and blackheads problem. Coconut is a good toner which can be combined with other ingredients to get glowing skin. Continues use of coconut water on face will help you out to get rid of acne and scars.

Homemade scrubs to get natural glow

Many people ignore the importance of scrubs to get glowing and beautiful skin. A weekly scrubbing with a good scrub made at home is very necessary to open clogged pores. A gentle massage will remove dead, dull skin, leaving behind soft and supple skin. Homemade scrubs are more reliable and give excellent results. You can use mixture of grinded almond and besan/gram flour to exfoliate about once a week.

If you have dry skin you can mix milk in this scrub otherwise for the oily skin, make use of water to rub on face. This is a perfect way to get glowing skin at home.

Sleep well to get glow on face

Plenty of sleep is essential to have healthy skin. Good sleep habits are necessary for beautiful and healthy skin. Lack of proper sleep can leave your skin dull, dehydrated and wrinkled. Getting adequate sleep is one of the most important things to get glowing skin.
You should develop a regular bedtime schedule to get beautiful skin. Keep in mind that you should sleep with hair tied back, this will prevent your skin pores from clogging as hair oils residue can be cause of skin pores blocking, which can lead to blackheads and dull skin.

Skin Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid benefits our skin in many ways. When applied topically, it brings benefits including collagen production and skin brightening.

One should eat plenty of foods loaded with vitamin C such as amla, blackcurrants, blueberries, broccoli, grapes, guava, kiwi fruits, oranges, papaya, strawberries, lemon and sweet potatoes. Vitamin C produces collagen, which further strengthens the capillaries to feed the skin and make it glow and beautiful.


To get glowing skin naturally without the aid of makeup is not a hard task. Drink plenty of water; this will rehydrate your skin and make your face clear, beautiful and glow without makeup. Avoid tea, coffee and one important thing to remember is that don't expect an overnight miracle. Slow and steady you will win the race!!

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