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Side Effects of Sugar - Limit your Sugar Intake
Published By Neha Sadana on 2011-10-04 939 Views

If you have a sweet tooth, then you should be aware of the side effect of sugar, which is a artificial sweetener. High sugar intake can be a cause depression, headaches, weight gain, fluid retention, hormonal imbalances and hypertension.

If you can not resist the taste of sweet foods, you should then limit your daily sugar consumption so that to avoid the side effects of eating too much sugar. Some health consequences related to sugar addiction are mentioned below:

Side Effects of Sugar, artificial sweetener

• Eating too much sugar every day turns out an over acid condition, and as a result more and more minerals are required in the body to repair the imbalance.

• Eating too much sugar affects every organ in the body.

• Excessive sugar intake is a major factor in dental decay as much calcium is taken from the bones and teeth. Sugar addiction can lead to damage teeth and gums.

• Eating too much sugar can cause overweight. So be alert sugar addiction can make you obese.

• The human body cannot stand to large amount of sugar intake and as an outcome too much sugar disturbs our metabolism.

• Too much sugar means increased risks for high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. You have to beat your sugar addiction, if you want to avoid these health disasters.

As I said earlier, we never know where this sugar is hiding. The following foods are just some of those that have high sugar content and high intake can make threat to your fitness and healthiness. If you are too eating too much sugar and suffering sugar addiction, then take look to these food items before it gets too late.

I love sweetened foods, but I know the extra calories can be a problem for my health because added table sugars or eating too much sugar products don't put in anything but empty calories, with no extra nutritional benefit and a number of side effects.

Let's beat the sugar addiction by avoiding the following food items

Bread, cakes, pancakes, pasta, and pie:

All these bakery items are made of white flour. Eating White flour products is similar to eating sugar. Eating too much white flour products can increase blood sugar level as much as eating too much sugar does.
This means, a piece of cake can raise your blood sugar as refined sugar. A white flour product put extra pressure on digestive system and has no nutritional value; they can only give you degenerative diseases.
If you wish to beat the sugar addiction then avoid white flour products.

Cookies and Candy:
Cookies and candies are full of sugar and provide no benefit to our health. You can take cookies once in a while, however regular consumption can be harmful.

They can cause a rapid rise in blood sugar levels after ingestion. Major ingredient in candies is sugar such as a candy is 95% sugar. So next be smart and cut your daily intake of cookies and candies to beat your sugar addiction.

Ice cream and desserts
Commercial ice creams today are not healthy for human consumption. They are made of hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, and dry milk solids. For your kind knowledge, one ice cream bar contains approximately 17 tsp of sugar.

Carbonated Drinks:
You will be surprised to know that a regular coke contains 9 to 12 teaspoons of sugar; it means around 160 calories in a drink. This is an alarming statistics for the persons who are already diabetic and for the persons who are fighting against obesity.

How to avoid high sugar intake to avoid side effects of sugar

• The first way to avoid eating too much sugar is to educate yourself. Make ensure what you are eating in your diet. That's way you can easily beat sugar addiction.

• Limit your daily sugar intake of added sugars.
• Avoid refined sugar products; you can full fill your craving by eating fruits or dried fruits.

• Eating too much snacks, baked goods, ice cream, candy and chocolates should be avoided.

Avoid eating too much sugar, if you wish to beat the sugar addiction. Sugar addiction can be challenge for your health. So, take a step and tame your sugar eating habits to overcome sugar addiction. Sugar gives immediate boost to energy but it has no real nutrition. Side effects of sugar are more than its plus points. Be aware of you sugar intake as the bad effects of sugar can cause many health problems to you.

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