Why Does My Computer Freeze: 4 Causes Why Computer Keeps Freezing Or Crashing?

Computer freezing or crashing is one of the most frustrating computer problems, a person face while working on computer. Nothing can be more annoying than your computer freezing up when you are gaming, writing or surfing the internet. Have you also been wondering why does my computer freeze? Then you are landed at right page! Here you will know the causes why your computer keeps freezing/crashing randomly.

Computer freezes when it is probably overloaded
If your computer keeps freezing, one of the possibilities is that it is overloaded. This means you are keeping too many programs open and your computer

is unable to handle it. Your programs will run slower and computer start freezing up.
Keep in mind that your system can handle programs according to its RAM specifications. Then its obvious if you overload your computer then it will freeze up or crash.
How to fix it out overloaded computer
Simply run programs as per your systems RAM specifications or buy more RAM or you can say additional memory for your computer. You can also stop freezing up your computer by freeing up some memory. Uninstall the programs that you don't need, your computer will run faster and freezes less.

Virus can make your pc freeze
If your computer freezes up frequently then it might be infected with a virus. Some viruses are able to run away any anti-virus software and cause your pc to freeze. Make sure that your computer is free from virus problems. Full scan your computer for any virus and manually check out the whole PC.

More than one antivirus program can cause pc

Two or more antivirus can also let your computer freeze. This could be a reason why your computer freezes. Install only one antivirus application to avoid pc freezing or crashing. When two or more antivirus programs are installed together, pc may experience freezes, crashes and system instability. One should not have more than one antivirus application installed on your pc to avoid computer freezing up.

Sometimes your computer freezes when your antivirus is trying to scan that file, which you are trying to open.

Registry performance is important to avoid pc freezing/crashing
Computer keeps freezing when the registry have the problem. Registry is a database which holds the configurations and settings required to run programs on your computer. If your pc is freezing then it may be because of corrupt registry or adversely affected registry. Registry is exercised every time you install or uninstall a program.
Scan your pc with the aid of registry cleaner to safely clean entries, errors that cause your computer freezing up.

Besides the above causes of computer freezing, pc also crash if you try to open a corrupted file or a huge file or try to access a disk that is badly fragmented. I just hope know you got to know why your computer keeps freezing. Just at the reasons for the computer to freeze and fix it for better performance of your computer.

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