Facts About Alcohol Drinking: A Must Read For A Alcohol Addict


Alcohol drinking, no doubt is a personal decision to make. If you like to consume any alcoholic beverage and you are a alcohol addict, then it's imperative to know some facts about alcohol drinking.

 One should recognize whether his or her drinking patterns are safe and sound or injurious. Most of the people who drink believe that alcohol consumption is an escape from problems; however, many times it is the root cause of troubles. So, be aware of what you are doing to yourself and go through the fpllowing facts about alcohol drinking:


1.The foremost important is the fact that an

enormous amount of your currency has been vanishing, simply being flushed down the drain just because of yours alcohol consumption habit.

2.Alcohol is a depressant; it slows the working of the central nervous system and as result drinking alcohol modifies a person's perceptions, emotions, movement, vision, and hearing.

3.Ethyl alcohol is the chief ingredient in alcoholic beverages, which is produced through the fermentation of sugar by yeast.

4.One standard drink will elevate the BAC (Blood alcohol concentration) by approximately 0.01-0.03% in an hour. The effects of drinking alcohol become more pronounced when the concentration of alcohol rises. Those men who claim to be a moderate drinker should know this drinking alcoholfact that moderation means less than 0.01% of blood / breath alcohol concentration.

5.Prolonged alcohol consumption leads to addiction and may damage your vital organs such as brain and liver.

6.There is a strong possibility that mothers who indulge in alcohol consumption during pregnancy may give birth to infants with a fetal

alcohol syndrome further leading to mental retardation and other irreversible physical abnormalities.

7.Research points out that child of alcoholic parents are at greater risk of becoming alcoholics than other children.

8.Even low to moderate doses of drinking alcohol can raise the occurrence of a variety of aggressive acts; including domestic violence and child abuse and impairs the judgment.

9.Statistics says that around 50,000 cases of alcohol poisoning are reported each year in the U.S and Alcoholism and alcohol abuse are the third source of the preventable deaths in the United States. Statistics also reveals that 65 people each day die on American highways due to d alcohol consumption.

10.Drinking alcohol inclination influence your

o mental wellbeing
o physical body
o your relationships and
o finances

After knowing the above facts about alcohol drinking, you can surely make an educated choice and decision.

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