12 Home Remedies To Treat Dry, Chapped And Cracked Lips

Winter season carries with it many skin problems. The most prominent problem, which most of us want to get rid of is dry, cracked and chapped lips. Not only dry lips look odd, they also hurt a lot. There are many home remedies to treat and cure dry, cracked and chapped lips which can relief us to an extent.

Due to change in climate and evaporation of moisture, lips become dry and cracked. Cold weather is the common cause of dry and chapped lips. Sometimes lips become so dry that small cracks also come in existence and a little stretch convert

them into large cracks, which is very painful. Here are some home remedies for dry, chapped and cracked lips that would help you out in treating your lips.

Home Remedies to treat dry, chapped, cracked lips

• The healing property of Aloe Vera makes it a perfect home remedy to treat dry and chapped lips. You can take Aloe Vera juice directly from the Aloe vera plant and rub it on your cracked lips. Repeat this for few days; it will cure your dry lips.

Glycerin helps a lot to cure cracked lips. Two drops of glycerin applied before going to bed can relieve you from dry and cracked lips. This will help in retaining lost moister of your lips due to climate conditions.

• Applying mustard oil into your naval is one of the best and effective home remedy to get rid of dry and chapped lips.

• Market is loaded with a variety of petroleum jellies to cure dry lips. However, they give only a temporary relief and do not provide any repair of chapped lips. Medical grade Lanolin found in some lip repair products can aid your cracked and dry lips.

• Drink more water as dehydration in the body is the main cause of any kind of dryness.

• Apply some lukewarm butter or ghee daily on your lips to get rid of dry and chapped lips.

• To cure cracked and chapped lips, rub cucumber juice over the lips and leave it for 15

minutes. Wash it off and repeat the procedure once in a day to treat dry lips.

Honey anti - bacterial properties help in healing dry lips. Honey can be used as a natural home remedy for cracked lips.

• Few drops of castor oil can also help you to get rid of dry and cracked lips in cold season.

• Apply a small amount of fresh milk cream in your dry and cracked lips and feel the change on just one application. This is a very simple home remedy for dry, chapped and cracked lips.

• Sun exposure can further worse your condition of lips, so wear sunscreen lotion whenever you go out to prevent dry lips.

Coconut oil is also very effective remedy for dry lips. Apply small amount of coconut oil on your lips to make your chapped lips smooth and soft.

Besides, all the above home remedies to treat dry, chapped and cracked lips, one should also take care of daily diet. Eat lots of green vegetables and fruits to get rid of dry and chapped lips. This will nourish your body. The food rich in Vitamin A also help to treat cracked and dry lips. Avoid licking of lips as certain enzymes in saliva drains moisture from them. Keep yourself hydrated to cure dry and cracked lips.

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