What Is Uti? How To Prevent Urinary Tract Infection In Woman

What is uti?
An uti is a term that refers to an infection caused by a type of bacteria called E.coli. This bacteria enters urethra of a woman most of the time from stool and pass through into your bladder and kidneys. UTI in woman is that bacterial inflammation in the urinary tract that is more common in women than men. If a woman suffering from urinary tract infection is pregnant, this means she is also at a risk of miscarriage.


How to prevent uti in woman?
Preventing uti is important, particularly for woman because they are more prone to this

disease. So, what can a woman do to prevent urinary tract infections? Health professionals recommend the following ways and tips to reduce the risk of building up a UTI. Following the saying Prevention is better than cure; here are some tips that might be very useful in preventing urinary tract infection.

You can lessen the likelihood of this irritating infection by doing the following:

Cranberry juice and uti
Cranberry juice is good for uti infection. It helps to prevent as well as cure bladder infection. Health professionals suggest the intake of cranberry juice as it is useful in the prevention of UTI.
Make sure before deciding what kind of cranberry juice you are drinking for uti. It should be 100% juice. Cranberry juice generates hippuric acid in the urine. Bacteria can not grow easily as there is an increase in the acid level in the urine. Cranberry juice makes the bladder wall slippery stopping the bacteria from sticking to the walls of the bladder.

Drink lot of water to prevent uti
Drink 6-8 glasses of water or any fluid to flush the bacteria from your system. It's very important to drink plenty of water during the treatment of uti because every time a person urinates; the bladder does cleaning process.

Urinate frequently is must to avoid the risk of uti
This is because bacteria which cause UTI grow up when urine stays in the bladder too long. So, it is advisable by doctors that urinate frequently and at short intervals in order to prevent uti.


after intercourse
This is very important to urinate shortly after having intercourse. This way one can flush away bacteria that might have entered the urethra during sex.

Proper Hygiene to avoid uti in woman
For the prevention of uti follow good hygiene habits. Keep your genital area clean and dry.


Tips to prevent uti in woman

If you are being treated for uti or if you wish to prevent yourself from urinary tract infection, you must consider following tips.
• In case a woman is being treated for an UTI infection, avoid the intercourse.
• Wipe from the front toward back, after urinating.
• Too much use of soaps, douches, feminine hygiene powders, sprays should be avoided. They irritate the urethra and can result into a UTI.
• To prevent uti a woman should wear cotton under garments and avoid tight-fitting clothes. This is because so that air can pass and keep that area dry. Tight clothes are not recommended as they trap moisture and this can lead bacteria to breed.
• Keep in mind that to avoid and prevent uti in woman personal hygiene is vital. Always wash down and clean your genital area before and after sexual intercourse to avoid transferring bacteria to vaginal area.

UTIs can be particularly dangerous for old women who are pregnant; it can be a cause of miscarriage in some cases. If you get infected by urinary tract infection then try to treat it in the beginning, the UTI will cause least damage.

How important are Antibiotics for uti in woman?

UTI symtoms in woman

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