Save Environment By Saying No To Polythene Bags

The chief reason behind the popularity of Polybags is their easy availability in the market. People have become habitual of polythene bags as they are cheap, light and waterproof. However, if we concern for environment and wish to save environment from the several troubles caused by polybags, we have to limit the use of these carry bags.

Polybags pollute the environment from the time they get manufactured. Production of these bags involves emission of obnoxious gases causing serious problems to the workers as well as to neighborhood.

Straying Polythene Bags harms environment

Chemical Dyes in plastics are lead that is a

known neurotoxin and cadium, a nephrotoxin. When we store food products in these plastic bags, it gets contaminated. Consumption of this impure food cause harm to our system. It's like having a slow poison, when ever you take a diet.
We use a polybag for few minutes or for few hours and throw away them to cause numerous problems to the environment. Straying polythene bags being light in nature settle in the drains, induce water logging and cause backflow. They clog drains, cause animals death and choke the soil.

Polythene bags settle in the soil too. As they are non porous and non- biodegrable, they suffocate the plant roots and restrict the free flow of water and air and as a result the quality of soil is degraded.

A very important point to note is that plastic is not cyclic, it means it degrade on recycling. Too much thin polybags are not even collected by rag pickers. Try to use the bags which are of virgin polymer having thickness above 50 microns.

Being an animal lover is not enough; we have to be conscious and aware to save animals, to protect them from the harm of poly bags.

Polybags are threat to the life of Animals

Knowingly, and sometimes unknowingly we make a

threat to the life of animals by just being somewhat ignorant. There is a huge amount ofignorance concerning the use of Poly-bags. These poly bags are made of polymers, which is entirely synthetic. That's where the problem begins. Being synthetic in nature poly bags are not disposable. And straying poly bags in the garbage heaps create chocking hazards for birds and animals, which can even led to their death. If animals swallow these bags they cause harm to their intestine. Marine animals also get affected by the polythene bags that are lying in the rivers.

Actually, we are the human that is responsible for this, not the polythene. We with our lack of awareness throws carry bags in the garbage and the innocent animals became the victim. Instead of this we should collect them for rag pickers so that they can be converted into recycled plastic.

Ragpickers do not collect thin polybags less then of 20 micron thickness. Plastic bags which are not made of virgin polymer do not attract them. Save animals by disposing off these kinds of plastic bags at proper place.

Many NGO's are taking actions to educate people about the harms of polythene. Some state Governments has also banned the plastic bags throughout the state, especially in ecologically sensitive areas. However, social monitoring is the best way to save environment.

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