How To Impress A Girl - Make A Girl Like You

How to impress a girl can be hard task for a boy, however, with right and positive attitude, you can make a girl like you. Here are some tips to help you to crack the puzzle of how to impress a girl of your interest.

Ist Rule: How to impress a girl with brains.

Value a girl's opinion, her interests, encourage her to communicate, be interested in her personality rather then her looks and show respect for her as a person. If you succeed in this, then no one can stop you to impress a girl, to make her like you

and have a polite place in her life.
Increase your knowledge about what's going around and do talk about it. Get up to date on latest subjects to impress a girl. This is the very first step to solve the problem of how to impress a girl.

IInd Rule: How to impress a girl: Let her know you admire her:

It's tough for a woman or girl to ignore a man who is impressed with her. If you really wish to impress her, tell her that you like her. You need not to make a great deal about it, just let her know that you admire her and see the change in her behavior as you have win the race to make her like you.

IIIrd Rule: How to impress a girl: Be a gentleman:

If you desire to impress a girl, you will need to be a gentleman. Every woman wants a man who is polite and well-mannered. You can make her like you by showing courtesy to all women. When women notice a man treating all the females with respect, they recognize this kind of person a gentleman.
Waiting for the coming old lady with door open in the restaurant will certainly show your kindness and surely help you to impress the girl. You are highly mistaken, if you think that girl gets easily impressed by your wallet full of money.

IVth Rule: How to impress a girl: Make her feel comfortable:

To impress a girl, make sure that not only you can listen her problems but also you have the potential to solve them. To make a girl like you, only offer your advice, do not try to impose your solutions on her because most of the time, women are not looking for solutions instead they are looking for some one to listen them.
Make her fell comfortable in your company. If you really wish to impress a girl then show interest in what she has to say.

Vth Rule: How to impress a girl: Be confident:

If a man doesn't have self confidence, he would not be able to impress

a girl. No matter what you are, try be a self-confident strong man. Always keep in mind that woman admires a confident man more than a good looking one with low self confidence. Polish your communication skills. This is exactly a good way to impress a girl and a superb way to make a girl like you.

VIth Rule: How to impress a girl: Be assertive:

Be Assertive in your decisions, if you wish to make a girl like you. You should have the capability to take actions fearlessly and without pressure. Build your own attitude to impress a girl. Your decisions and actions should not be ruled by others opinions. To impress a girl stand up for what you consider right and have confidence in what you are.

VII Rule: How to impress a girl: Don't try to dominate: Do not blow your own horn, if you really desire to impress a girl. You can talk about yourself, about your goals and what you want to achieve but keep in mind that it should not be done in a boasting tone. This is an excellent answer for all those guys seeking how to impress a girl.

VIIIth Rule: How to impress a girl: Psychological expectations:

If you succeed in understanding and satisfying a girl psychological expectation, then it means half goal is achieved and you can impress a girl. Use your sense of humor, surprises her with your creative thinking, intelligence, and no doubt care.

This is true that mostly girls are thrilled to see hearts and flowers; however, you need to check and understand her taste and liking to impress a girl. A woman does not always mean what she says, so try to understand her expectations to impress a girl and make her like you.

At Last, the finest answer to how to impress a girl is to be your self. Let things flow automatically; otherwise she would end up putting you in the show off group. Follow the above golden rules and make a girl like you.

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