How To Make Homemade Chocolate Two Easy Recipes

Homemade chocolate could be an impressive gift idea for your loved ones on any occasion. I can assure you, that the efforts you put in to make a homemade chocolate recipe are not going to be worthless. You can ensure this in the eyes of the person at the moment you present this homemade chocolate.

This is true that making of Homemade chocolate involves a long process and a lot of patience. However, you will be more than happy when you see the results.

There are two recipes to make homemade chocolates. The easiest way is to buy cooking chocolate from market

and then start the procedure. These cooking chocolates are often sold in blocks and if you have not as much of time to convert these from cocoa beans then this is the right one for you.


The other method and slightly difficult one for homemade chocolate recipe is to start by roasting cocoa beans to convert them into cocoa beans. First I will explain this method following by the first easy method to make homemade chocolate.

You will need four ingredients to make homemade chocolate, which are cocoa beans, cocoa butter, sugar, milk. Here is the procedure of making homemade chocolate:

Procedure of making homemade Chocolate

* Roast the cocoa beans:

First of all you need to roast the cocoa beans in the oven at a temperature between 250 and 325 degrees F. Start at the hottest temperature and then gradually reduce the heat until the beans begin to crack. Roasting is complete when there is a cracking sound.

* Remove the outer shell:

Outer shell which is also called husk has to be removed from the actual bean. If the cocoa beans are roasted properly then it will not take much time.

* Grind the shelled beans:

Next step is to grind the shelled beans to make a fine chocolate liqueur. The process can be done either by juicer or by hand. The process can spoil your efforts to make a homemade chocolate and it can be rather untidy or messy if proper care is not taken.

* Add other three ingredients: Now you need to add cocoa butter, sugar and milk. Begin by adding very little milk and cocoa butter and Add sugar by taste.

* Conching: The finish of your homemade chocolate depends on this process of folding the chocolate continuously upon itself.

* Cooling: After a long folding, cool the chocolate to about 90 degrees F. Pour the mixture in the mold to make the desired shape of homemade chocolate.

For the second method to make homemade chocolate you need to buy cooking chocolate which comes in different flavors like white, dark, milk and caramel. The process is explained below:

Recipe to make homemade chocolate

* Chop up or break the chocolate in small pieces. Melt it in a microwave safe bowl for two minute. Continue the process until chocolate has all melted. Keep in mind that different kinds of chocolate melt at different rates.

* Another method is to put

the broken up pieces of chocolate into a glass bowl, and place it over a container of boiling water. Here we use the steam to melt the chocolate.

* Pour the melted chocolate in a mold and leave it to get harden. You can make your own molds with the help of aluminium foil or you can use ice trays. Copper releases a poisonous residue, so never use it as a mold.

* When the chocolate get completely set and hardened then cautiously pop it out of the mold. You can make in use of a butter knife to trim off any surplus chocolate around the edges.

Here are some Tips regarding homemade chocolates recipe. Homemade Chocolates could be great fun, if you follow these tips properly:

* If the chocolate is too thin after melting, add glycerine, as this help in thickening its consistency and if the melted chocolate is too thick, you can put in small amount of Crisco.

* You can modify the color of your homemade chocolate by adding paste food colors and keep in mind that do not add liquid colors in your chocolate.

* If you wish to flavor your homemade chocolate, you can add oil flavoring to melted chocolate like for French mints, add peppermint oil to white chocolate.

* Chocolate molds should not be washed with soapy water. It will get difficult to get the chocolate off, if the molds are washed in soapy water. Wash them in hot water.

* Dry your chocolate molds carefully after washing as water spots can also cause spots in the chocolate and moreover chocolate won't release easily from the mold.

* Chocolates Molds can be coated with a thin layer of vegetable oil, if they are sticky.
* Chocolate should be wrapped in aluminium foil and placed in an air tight container. Avoid them from direct sunlight.

* Always use unsalted butter as the ingredient, when to make homemade chocolate.

Many people think when we can get a delicious chocolate from market then why homemade chocolates recipe? Believe me, to make homemade chocolates is really a fun and at the same time it will give you immense satisfaction too.

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