How Greenhouse Gases Cause Global Warming?

Green house gases in the atmosphere are one of the major causes of global warming. Green house gases occur naturally and also produced by man's activity. The term Global Warming is getting much attention these days due to its possible hazards in coming time. It is certainly an aspect of climate change. In simple words Global Warming is the increase in the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and the area of concern for scientists is the rate at which the temperature is increasing.
It is an issue that is being widely discussed all around the world and scientists are figuring

out the causes of Global warming. To know what causes Global Warming lets get familiar with two more terms that are Greenhouse Gases and Green house Effect.

Greenhouse Gases, Greenhouse Effect and the cause of Global Warming
The greenhouse effect is that process where thermal radiation from the Earth surface is absorbed by greenhouse gases. Greenhouse Gases are those naturally occurring gases that are required to create Greenhouse Effect. Earth requires Greenhouse Effect to keep the surrounding warm enough to support life. The effect of greenhouse gases (GHGs) emitted by humans is the cause of Global warming.
In Detail when sun rays reach the surface of earth, a proportion of them is absorbed by the Earth and warms the Earth. Now, the rest of the sunlight which is not absorbed by the Earth is radiated back to the atmosphere at a longer wavelength then the sunlight and are absorbed by Greenhouse Gases. This absorption of thermal radiation by greenhouse gases is called greenhouse effect which further warms the Earth and the end result is that the Earth temperature gets higher than it would be if warming by solar radiation were the only heating mechanism. The increase in temperature of Earth is thus called Global Warming.

Source of Greenhouse gases
In our day to day life, we people in variety of ways emit greenhouse gases that are responsible for the cause of Global warming. Most of these appear from factories and electricity production, combustion of fossil fuels in cars. Following are the several greenhouse gases that mainly contribute in global warming:
* Carbon dioxide (CO2)
* Methane
* Nitrous oxide
* Water vapor
* Chlorofluorocarbons
The main source of greenhouse gases is the combustion of fossil fuels for human use. The carbon dioxide which is also called CO2, produced from this combustion of fossil fuels combined with deforestation leads to higher carbon dioxide concentration is the main cause of Global warming. Deforestation is also

a source of greenhouse gases, which further becomes cause of global warming because if there are fewer trees, it means a reduced amount of carbon dioxide conversion to oxygen.

A study revealed that the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide has increased by 31 percent during the 150 years of the industrial age and at the same time the level of atmospheric methane has climbed by 151 percent, which is released from agricultural activities such as from digestive systems of grazing animals and growing rice.

Atmospheric concentration of nitrous oxide (N2O) has been increased due to some agricultural activities such as the use of fertilizers and gases used in refrigeration system and industrial process also lead to higher concentration of nitrous oxide.

Greenhouse Gases causes Global Warming
The Greenhouse Gases are also abbreviated as GHG and they affect the temperature of Earth by keeping the Earth warm. In Global Warming, the problem comes in the scene when scientist determined that due to some human activities there is an increase in the Greenhouse Gases and thus causes Global Warming. The excessive amount of Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere trap the heat that would otherwise exit in the space.
Thus, Global Warming of the Earth Surface is supposed to be the outcome of increased greenhouse effect which is further is the result of increased greenhouse gases due to human activities.

International Panel on Climate Change on Global Warming
International Panel on Climate Change IPCCis a group of scientists formed to bring all the information regarding Global Warming such as cause of Global warming and effects or dangers of global warming. The IPCC releases a report about global warming after reviewing the latest findings by scientists every few years.
Higher concentration of greenhouse gases leads to a considerable warming of the earth which is called global warming global warming or we can say that emission of greenhouse gases by human activities what that causes Global Warming.
It is clear that greenhouse gas causes global warming. We humans are habitual by nature and it's hard for us to give up our automobiles, trains, buses or any agricultural or industrial activity. However, as we ourselves has created a cause of global warming then we have to find out the way to slow down the process of Global warming.

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