Interesting And Amazing Facts About Girls

The article reveals some interesting facts about girls. This is a topic that guys and even girls are also interested in. Men and women, both the gender has different temperament, personality and traits. Regardless of huge differences, both the genders complement each other and this adds spice and colors to their lives. Here are some interesting as well as amazing facts about girls that everyone would like to know.

* A woman can make you spill:

One of the most interesting facts about girls and women is that they can catch you when you lie. No matter how well crafted your

lie is, a girl can make you spill the truth. Most of the men who lie to their wives or girlfriends may be aware of this interesting fact about girls.

* Girls don't like dishonest person

Despite the fact that girls sprawl often, they hate when they are lied to. Insincere, artificial behavior can make her feel down on your part. So, if you have a habit of lying to your girlfriend or wife than make sure that you never get caught because once you get caught there will probably be no escape. Hope this interesting fact about girls will help you in making a better relationship with your girlfriend or wife.

* Girls like the phrase "I am sorry"

Need not to be confused, girls don't like saying I am sorry rather they admire the guys who know how to apologize. The phrase "I am sorry" make a woman feel cared and accepted. A woman can not stand the males who do not know how to apologize. This is a very interesting fact about girls. So, if you are looking forward for a relationship with a girl than get used to apologizing!!

* Girls always wish to lose weight

Girl always consider themselves fat than others women. They always think that they need to lose weight, no matter what. A man has to assure her and convince her otherwise to make her feel good. You better get used to this interesting fact about girls,in order to make a better relationship.

* Girls love to gossip

This is a well known interesting fact about girls. We all know that girls love to gossip and this is a universal truth. Gossiping is a source of entertainment and favorite pastime for girls. Gossiping to girls is a way to get away from emotional outbursts and work pressure.

* Girls like gifts

Girls like gifts and presents. They would rather love personalized and creative gifts. The gift needs not to be expensive to impress her. It must be a thoughtful and meaningful present. Every girl likes to receive

gifts and attention from guys.

* Birthdays and anniversary dates are important for them

You might be aware of this interesting fact about girls. They usually remind all the important dates and also expect boys to remember them. Don't ever dare to forget your relationships significant dates otherwise you have to pay the price.

* Girls like compliments

This is the most interesting fact about girls. Girls like being the focus of attention, so compliment her, if you like her. Compliment on her hair, her dress, and her accessories. Be careful, there is a thin layer between comment and compliment. Tread these waters with caution, otherwise you would be fired.

* Girls are unpredictable

A girl nature as well as behavior, many times create mystery. This is a strange yet interesting fact about girls. Most of the time a girl does not mean what she says. They are unpredictable in terms of the behavior. Girls tend to exhibit a totally different behavior while in comfort zone such as with their close friends.

* Girls are emotional

Girls get emotional too often or you can say that they exhibit their emotions more often than males. Girls get emotional and worried easily on relationship issues, job issues in comparison to males. Because of this interesting fact about girls, they are labeled as emotional fools. Girls have more emotional needs than guys.

* Girls admires a patient audience

A study revealed that woman talks three times as men. They are more talkative than men naturally, so they always in need of a patient listener for their talks. Although girls show greater maturity than guys of same age, they damn need audience for their problems and talks that never ends.

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Hope you enjoyed these interesting facts about girls. You can comment below, if you have some more amazing facts about woman.

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