Underarms Waxing - Best Solution For Armpit Hair

Underarm waxing is a good alternative to razors and low brand creams, which darken the underarm area putting you in another trouble. Waxing underarms lasts longer than
any other option leaving your armpits smoother than ever. Armpit waxing involves a certain amount of pain but its better to tolerate some pain instead of shaving your underarms every two days. You can have it done by a professional or can do armpit waxing done at home. It will take some time to perfect in underarm waxing technique. Here are seven underarm waxing tips to make you convenient in the waxing process:


waxing Tip 1
Right length of the hairs for waxing underarms

Your hair should be of 1/4 inches long to have proper waxing done. Make sure that your underarm hair is in ideal length before you wax it. Trim them down to length, if they are longer and if they are short, then you have to wait for some more days.

Underarm waxing Tip 2
Dry your armpits before you start

Dry your underarms before you begin waxing. If your underarms are sweaty then wax will not stick properly to the hair. Wash the underarm skin and then pat dry. You can also apply talcum powder to soak up any moist in the skin. This will make your underarm waxing procedure less painful.

Underarm waxing Tip 3
Stretch the underarm tight

Stretch the arm being waxed by putting the hand behind your head in order to make the skin tight. This way you will not miss the hairs in the folds of the underarm skin.

Underarm waxing Tip 4
Pull the waxing strip off in opposite direction of hair growth

After applying a thin layer of hot wax or a wax strip, hold the bottom of the strip and quickly pull it against the growth of the hair. Do again this procedure of underarm waxing until the entire armpit area is hair-free.

Underarm waxing Tip 5
Wax small area at a time

Underarms hair grows in all directions and this means you to wax in

all directions for good results. Waxing a small area at a time will be quite a great idea. Waxing the whole underarm at one time does not work well for most women because hair in underarms is very coarse and you might not able to get rid of them easily.

Underarm waxing Tip 6
Use a after wax lotion

After waxing your underarms apply an after wax lotion using a clean cotton wool. This breaks down any wax residue and also helps guard against irritation and infection. Any feeling of discomfort would diminishes once you apply an after wax lotion.

Underarm waxing Tip 7
A post underarm waxing tip

After waxing your underarms, it is advisable to not to wear any tight clothing over the waxed areas. Avoid talcum powder, deodorants, anti-perspirants, perfumes and self tanning products. If you have to use soap then use a non perfumed soap and water in the waxed area.

Most of the women who are tired of shaving and creams prefer underarm waxing as the best option to remove hair from armpits. Waxing your underarms provides wonderful results than shaving. If you are too looking for how to do armpits waxing, then read the above tips before the procedure. The more often you do underarms waxing, the less it will hurt!!

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