How To Do Upper Lip Waxing At Home

Upper Lip Waxing is a good alternative for facial hair removal. One can wax upper lip at home for a long lasting result. Though its painful, but its awesome results will let you forget the pain and discomfort. This way lip hair would disappear for at least two weeks. Waxing on upper lips gives excellent results and hair takes a longer time to grow back on face than tweezing, cream hair removers. Here below is the procedure of how to do upper lip wax at home.

Clean the area before waxing upper lips
• Clean and dry the upper

lip area thoroughly before waxing. You can also exfoliate the area to be waxed before your waxing at home to deter ingrown hairs. Keep in mind you have to dry the area to be waxed thoroughly before waxing.

Prepare the wax by warming it
• Get the wax prepared for application by warming the hair removal wax. Thoroughly melt the wax, stir with your stick and continue heating the wax until it gets consistent. Make sure that you melt the wax in a double boiler or a special boiler designed for warming the wax.

Check the melted wax before waxing upper lip
• When you feel that the wax for upper lip waxing is warm enough, put a small amount of melted wax on the back of your hand to make sure that it is not too hot. Upper lip area is too sensitive, hot wax can irritate and swell your skin, so it's better to take adequate precautions.

Apply the wax in downward stroke
• Apply the wax on upper lip skin. Make sure you apply the wax in a downward stroke on half of the upper lip area. This is recommended as doing half at a time would

prevent the hair removal wax from hardening.

Place the strip on upper lips
• Put the strip of cloth over the upper lip skin covered with warm wax. Hold the lip area tight and press down few times so that hair can adhere to the strip.

Hold your breath and Pull off the strip
• Pull the wax strip off quickly in the opposite direction of the applied wax. Repeat the procedure on other half of the lip area. Pain? Check the results in mirror! Pain will be gone.

Remove the excessive wax after lip waxing
• The last step in lip waxing is to remove any wax residue on the area. You can use gently facial wax remover on the upper lip area to get rid of any left over.

Though upper lip waxing is considered best for lip hair removal, it has its own pros and cons. You might experience swelling, irritation or redness after the wax done on upper lips. So, be careful and it would be better that someone else does upper lip waxing at home for you. In case you are experiencing redness swelling and irritation, rub an ice cube on upper lips to lower down the discomfort. You have to suffer some pain to wax your upper lips at home. Remember no pain, no gain.

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