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If you love water sports then any season either summer or winter would be the best time to have water fun. Fun activities such as water sports are a superb way to have summer fun. A Water sport is a way to relax from hot weather. These thrilling and exciting water games are just the right thing for summer fun activity. Are you too in search of fun activities for this summer fun? Here is a list of best ideas for this summer from water balloon games, water polo and water aerobics to river rafting, canoeing and scuba diving.

Water Balloon

games - a perfect fun activity to do in groups

* Water balloon games are fun, when you have a lot of people to join.
* Water balloon games are ideal fun activity for people of all ages.
* Water balloon fight, water balloon drop, water balloon relay ideas are some of the famous summer fun games.
* Dropping balloons on others feet and watching the splash is a great fun activity for hot summer season.
* You can also play water balloon volleyball which involves catching water balloons in the belly of T shirts.

Body boarding fun activity - Go and catch wave!

* Body boarding is a surface water sport also known as Boogie boarding.
* This water sport game is somewhat similar to surfing.
* The boards are shaped to the rider's specific needs such as height, weight and riding style.
* Bodyboarding is all about catching a wave and riding it to the shore.
* This Water fun activity can be enjoyed wherever there are waves and does not requires wide powerful waves

Water polo - a perfect fun group activity

* Water polo is a fun group activity, which is played in team with the involvement of six players and one goalkeeper.

* This summer fun activity is a kind of game play that engages swimming, treading water and players passing the ball.
* Scoring by throwing into a net would be great water fun thing to do in the summer.
* You must know swimming, if you wish to play this thrilling fun activity.
* Minor injuries such as sunburns and eye irritation can occur while playing this water sport.
* Male water polo sport players should wear swim briefs or trunks and female players have to wear a one-piece swimsuit for this fun activity.

Canoeing- Have water fun with boats

* Canoeing is an amazing outdoor fun activity which can be done in groups or solely.
* This water sport uses the force of arms of a person with the involvement of a special kind of canoe.
* Canoeing is popular as recreational summer fun or sporting watercraft.
* The goal of this

fun activity is simply to use boats to have water fun.
* Being a beginner, you should have got a hang of swimming previously.

Water Aerobics - an ideal fun activity for kids

* Doing aerobic exercise in swimming pool is known as water aerobics or aqua aerobics.
* The use of water in water aerobics decreases the risk of muscle and joint injury.
* This water game is best for fun activity of kids.
* A good source of summer fun as you needs not to be a strong swimmer to participate in water aerobics.

Scuba Diving - under water fun activity

* A kind of under water fun activity for adults where a diver uses a set of scuba set to breathe.

* Scuba is short form for self contained underwater breathing apparatus.
* This water sport is done for personal, professional and recreational activity.

Water Rides for summer fun activity

* Water rides are set over water and also known as amusement rides
* You can enjoy water rides in amusement parks as well in the large fairs.
* Water rides can feature an elevator that can lift the riders to some height.
* Water slides, log flume, Jurassic park ride are some well known and famous water rides for summer fun activity.

River Rafting - a leisure sport for summer fun

* Rafting is a recreational outdoor fun activity which is done on different degrees of rough water in a boat.
* This extreme leisure sport can be dangerous and has become popular since the mid-1970s.

* You can board your raft in an amusement park and can enjoy traveling through canyons, rapids, and water effects during your journey.
* Get ready to get wet on this ride to have summer fun.
* River rafting requires almost no effort from the rider just to cling on to the boat.
* This adventurous water game is perfect for even those who have never tried it before, however you should know how to swim before you plan to raft.

There is a huge range of fun activities to do in summer in order to kill the hot weather as well as boredom. A variety of water sports and games are available to provide great summer fun. You just have to choose the best according to your age and situation.


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