Laser Treatment For Wrinkles Around Mouth

Wrinkles around mouth get quickly noticed as people tend to look more at our mouth when we talk. There are numerous wrinkle remedies existing over the counter that one can use to remove of all-over facial wrinkles as well as those around the mouth. The common treatments for reducing wrinkles around mouth are Botox, Cosmetic Surgery, Radio Frequency, Chemical peels, Collagen Injection, Face Lifts and Laser Treatments. Here we will discuss laser treatment for wrinkles around mouth.

A wrinkle is that crease in the skin which emerges due to aging process. It's obvious to get worried and frustrated, when you see

a wrinkle on your face. Wrinkles are correlated with self-confidence as they look very bad on the face and moreover, very difficult to be covered. Following is the procedure of laser treatment for wrinkles around mouth.

Ablative and Non-Ablative Laser Treatments

The first that is ablative laser resurfacing, works on wrinkled skin by removing the top layer of the skin and reveal new tightened and smother skin once the recovery time is over. A laser beam destroys the outer layer of your skin (epidermis) and at the same time heating the underlying skin (dermis). This laser treatment for wrinkles around mouth is effective as well as intense, so requires around six months for recovery.

Non-ablative laser treatment is the latest trend which works beneath the surface skin layer to recover wrinkles around

mouth. It treats the underlying layers of skin by removing tissue beneath the first layer of skin. Non-ablative lasers work extensively and remove skin damage deeply. Non-ablative lasers can remove fine wrinkles around mouth as well as can remove lesions, deep scars, deep wrinkles and facial hair.

Laser surgery is the best treatment for the wrinkles around mouth because it can treat deep lines that are usually present around the mouth. Multiple treatments are required in non-ablative laser treatments for removing wrinkles around mouth where as Ablative laser therapy only needs one treatment to see results. Exposure to the sun should be avoided for at least three months after either of these laser treatments.

As compared to other remedies for the treatment of wrinkles around mouth, laser treatment takes very less time, with minimum side affects and usually with guaranteed results. Laser therapy is indeed an aggressive treatment for removing wrinkles around mouth. A professional can better select the most appropriate type of treatment for you.

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