Uti During Pregnancy Treatment - Antibiotics For Uti To Avoid Complications And Miscarriage

"Treatment of uti during pregnancy is possible. Urinary tract infection in pregnancy is common; a pregnant woman should be screened for the E. coli bacteria to treat her uti with antibiotics or with any other natural way. A chronic uti during pregnancy can be treated only by uti antibiotics, however home treatments are effective if the bladder infection is caught at early stage. "

UTI during pregnancy is common

This is true that pregnancy increases the risk of urinary tract infection. The uterus in woman is placed directly on top of the

bladder. During early pregnancy of week 6 to week 24 uterus grows and its increasing weight causes a pressure on the bladder. Due to the pressure passing of urine get obstructed and urine get trapped in the bladder for more time. This is the time when a pregnant woman can get infected to UTI.

UTI or urinary tract Infection can affect the baby in the womb of mother. If the UTI goes untreated, it can turn out to a kidney infection. Kidney infections may lead to early labor and low birth weight. If you get urinary tract infection treated near the beginning of infection, the UTI will not cause damage to the baby.


Symptoms of uti in pregnancy includes




discomfort during urination,

lower abdomen pain,

burn during urination

and frequent urges to urinate.

UTI in woman can cause complications and miscarriage

There is surely a link between urinary tract infections and miscarriage. Recurring symptoms of UTI  may boost the risk of miscarriage. If the infection is not treated at early stage, the infection may affect the kidneys. This can  result into preterm labor and low birth weight babies like complications. Urinary tract infections should be treated at time to prevent complications in pregnancy.


Treatment of Urinary tract infection or UTI with antibiotics

Sometimes uti in pregnancy do not go away with home remedies and this condition needs antibiotics prescribed by the doctor. After checking the state of pregnant woman, a doctor will decide what kind of antibiotics will be most helpful for the uti infected lady. Doctors normally prescribe antibiotics such as Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, penicillins and cephalosporins, after judging the condition of pregnant woman. Here are some points to consider while taking antibiotics course for uti:

  • Make sure to that a pregnant woman has to take only prescribed antibiotics.
  • A woman infected with uti has to finish the entire course; despite of fact she is feeling fine within a day or two of starting antibiotics.

  • Finishing the prescription helps to completely cure the uti infection.
  • Drinking plenty of fluids and water is best throughout the treatment with antibiotics is very effective to flush
    out the infection from the body.
  • Doctors prescribe a longer course of antibiotics for recurrent UTIs. Try to avoid drinks with caffeine and alcohol, so that the bladder could not irritate.

Prescribed Antibiotics is the best way to treat uti

Antibiotics for uti in pregnant woman are the best way to get rid of a chronic uti infection. Doctors usually recommend a three to seven-day course to pregnant woman to defend the baby. Consult your health professional, if you are suffering from uti, he will first advise the safest antibiotics. If the uti does not get cured, then he will prescribe the next stronger antibiotics.

If you feel, you have symptoms of urinary tract infection, contact a health professional. She will test a sample of urine for urine culture and for red, white blood cells.

UTI's can be treated safely with antibiotics even during pregnancy. Doctors usually prescribe a course of antibiotics that is harmless for a pregnant woman and for the baby both. Consult a doctor for a proper treatment. Knowing that UTIs can increase the risk of miscarriage, a pregnant woman should be alert during the time of pregnancy.

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