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First Trimester of Pregnancy: Precautions And Things Not To Do
Published By Neha Sadana on 2011-10-05 2217 Views

The first 12 weeks of pregnancy after the first day of the last menstrual period is named as pregnancy first trimester. A pregnant woman should be more cautious in her early pregnancy days as first trimester brings many questions especially to a new mother.

The first 12 weeks of pregnancy after the first day of the last menstrual period is named as pregnancy first trimester. A pregnant woman should be more cautious in her early pregnancy days as first trimester brings many questions especially to a new mother.

A would-be-mother must know what she can and can't do during first trimester of pregnancy. There are a number of things which should be avoided to keep your growing baby healthy during this sensitive period. Pregnancy first trimester demands more attention as this is the initial stage of pregnancy when all the organs of the baby develop and grow.

Alcohol and first trimester of pregnancy

You will be surprised to know that alcohol can generate more severe abnormalities in a maturing fetus than heroin and cocaine.

Alcohol consumption during first trimester of pregnancy is one of the most common causes of mental and physical birth defects.

The main reason behind this is alcohol gets easily passed along to the baby and the baby is not able to remove alcohol contents than the mother. As a result unborn baby tends to build up a high concentration of alcohol. Alcohol should be avoided during all the three trimester of pregnancy.

Caffeine and Pregnancy first trimester

Intake of caffeine should be limited during the first three months of pregnancy.Consumption of high caffeine products such as coffee has been linked to a raised risk of miscarriage particularly in pregnancy first trimester.

A research declares that more than one and a half cup of coffee can put the pregnancy at higher risk. Other caffeine products such as green and black tea and aerated soft drinks which contains caffeine should also be avoided.

Chocolates are fine!!

This is true that chocolate do contain caffeine but in very less amount. An average chocolate bar has caffeine 5-30 milligrams where as a cup of brewed coffee has 95-135 milligrams of caffeine. So, small amount of chocolates can be enjoyed in pregnancy first trimester, if chocolate craving really bothers you.

High-Impact Exercise in first trimester pregnancy

It is advisable to avoid high impact exercise in early as well as late pregnancy. High-impact exercise can increase pressure within the uterus that could further turn into problems such as premature labor or bleeding.

Where as gentle exercise is a good way to remain healthy in first trimester. This way you not only feel great but also it's a preparation for the body for labor. Low-impact exercise or gentle exercise increases heart rate and intake of oxygen in a pregnant woman.

However, a woman should consult a health professional before practicing any kind of exercise in pregnancy as he can advise best if it's safe for you and your baby.

Medication and over the counter drugs in first trimester pregnancy

One of the precautions during first trimester of pregnancy, which a pregnant woman must take, is to avoid any kind of over the counter medicine. Most of the time doctors also recommend avoiding X-rays, till the pregnancy ends.

Make sure that your health care provider knows that you are pregnant when he prescribes any medications. During the first three months of pregnancy, the important pars and organs of the baby grow and develop, so do not take any medicine without the advice of doctor as this can risk your pregnancy.

To get a clearer picture of what to avoid in first three months of pregnancy, a pregnant woman should consult a gynecologist. First trimester of pregnancy needs adequate precautions to ensure safety for mother as well as for the baby.

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