High Blood Pressure In Pregnancy - Risks And Precautions

If a pregnant woman suffers from High Blood pressure during pregnancy, then it means she needs special attention and care because hypertension involves higher risks of preeclampsia, premature delivery and placental abruption. Though many pregnant women with high blood pressure give birth to healthy babies, blood pressure during pregnancy in some cases can be hazardous for both the mother and the fetus.

Once you complete your 20th week of pregnancy, it is imperative to have regular blood pressure check ups by the doctors. If you see the signs of high blood pressure then immediately consult the health professional.

Pregnancy High Blood Pressure

Problems and Risks

Survey says that about 1 woman in 10 pregnant women has problems with high blood pressure in pregnancy. If you are pregnant, you must know the risks associated with high blood pressure during pregnancy so that you can take proper actions to avoid any pregnancy complications.

* Pregnancy high blood pressure can damage the mother's kidneys and other organs too.

* High blood pressure in pregnancy can result into low birth weight and premature delivery.

* The mother can develop preeclampsia or toxemia of pregnancy, which can risks the lives of both the mother and the baby.

* A pregnant woman who develops preeclampsia, characterized by high blood pressure in pregnancy is at higher risk of cardiovascular disease later in life, regardless of the truth that her blood pressure has returns to normal after delivery.

* Pregnancy high blood pressure decrease blood flow to the placenta.This further reduces the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the baby, slowing the fetus growth.

* High blood pressure increases the risk of a low birth weight baby.

* Severe blood pressure problems can also lead to Placental abruption. In this situation, the placenta prematurely breaks up from the uterus and denies the baby of oxygen, causing heavy bleeding in the mother.

* High blood pressureproblems sometimes bring on the need of premature delivery. It becomes necessary to prevent life-threatening complications.

Precautions to be taken for high blood pressure in pregnancy


you are planning a baby and you have history of high blood pressure, you should first consult a doctor to control your blood pressure before and during pregnancy period.

* Make changes in your lifestyle such as limit your salt intake, doing regular physical activity.

* Talk how hypertension may affect your baby during pregnancy to the doctor, and what measures you can take to prevent high blood pressure problems.

* Discuss with your doctor whether you should change the amount of medicines you take for blood pressure or stop taking them during pregnancy.

* Do not change or stop your medicines unless your health professional advice you to do this.
* Make sure your blood pressure in pregnancy is not fluctuating and under control.

* While you are pregnant, you have to avoid alcohol and tobacco and get regular medical care.

* Do not take any medicines for high blood pressure without the consultation of doctor as this can risk you and your baby health.

A pregnant woman should know that severe high blood pressure during pregnancy is risky and can produce many pregnancy complications. Many women do not have any symptoms with high blood pressure during their pregnancy. This is the reason why blood pressure is checked regularly by the doctor in pregnancy. The blood pressure of the mother and baby are observed to make sure high blood pressure is not preeclampsia.

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